We are rebuilding the beverage industry for the digital age.

Eliqs is what happens when a team of craft beverage makers and obsessive packaging designers get together and give the power of “Big Bev” to everyone.

We believe that what you’re drinking should reflect and build your identity – as an individual or as a brand. It should create lasting memories and taste damn good too. 

Why can't I put my face on a beer?

This started as a simple questions but turned into 2 years of research, the development of an entirely new operational model in the beverage space (look mom we got a patent!), and yes, lots of trial and error.

What resulted is the first print on demand platform in the beverage space, optimized for cans of any shape or size with the lowest minimum order quantity, quickest turnaround time, and the largest selection of beverages in the game.

As Seen On. As Seen On. As Seen On.