Canned Wine

Rosé. White Wine. Rosé. White Wine.
  • Rosé

    13.3% ABV — 187 ml. aluminum can

    Refreshing, bright & lightly bubbly with flavors of cherry, dried roses & lychee.

    This rosé has that little something extra, with a brightness and crispness that only CA grapes can deliver.

  • White Wine

    13.2% ABV — 187 ml. aluminum can

    Hints of Pear, lychee, white peach, lemon, white floral perfume.

    This wine's sweet and fruity finish is counterbalanced by bitter floral, waxy notes.

Looking for samples?

Want to order some custom cans but unsure of which beverage to go with? Order our Eliqs Sampler to "try before you buy". Standard shipping constraints apply.

What's with all the cans?

Each of our products is packaged in aluminum cans that are infinitely recyclable.

Beyond the fact that they are easier to stack, better protect the beverages inside them, and provide an incredible canvas to display our custom designs, they are much lighter to ship and enable us to reduce our carbon footprint up to 40%.