Craft Beer

Blonde Ale. IPA. Lager.
  • Lager

    4.4% ABV — 12 oz. aluminum can

    Crisp, Effervescent, Light. Slightly elevated carbonation contribute to this lager's crisp refreshing mouthfeel.

    A beer that everyone can enjoy. Aroma: light lager essence, balanced with hints of zesty brightness.

  • Blonde Ale

    5.0% ABV — 12 oz. aluminum can

    An approachable craft beer that showcases our passion for brewing. A perfect balance of malts and hops creates a refreshing, easy-going ale with a crisp, clean finish.

    Bronze Award - San Diego International Beer Competition (2017) - Class: Golden or Blonde Beer

  • IPA

    7.1% ABV — 12 oz. aluminum can

    An award-winning, traditional West Coast IPA. This brew offers a flavorful hop-forward experience with notes of citrus and pine. 

Looking for samples?

Want to order some custom cans but unsure of which beverage to go with? Order our Eliqs Sampler to "try before you buy". Standard shipping constraints apply.

What's with all the cans?

Each of our products is packaged in aluminum cans that are infinitely recyclable.

Beyond the fact that they are easier to stack, better protect the beverages inside them, and provide an incredible canvas to display our custom designs, they are much lighter to ship and enable us to reduce our carbon footprint up to 40%.