We price according to order quantity and design approach.
Our minimum order quantity is 48 cans per beverage type and increase by 24 can increments. Our starting price is $3.25 per beer for our Blonde Ale produced by Absolution Brewing Company, and increases depending on beverage type.
We have a $49.00 charge for custom designs produced by our internal design team and do not charge a design fee if you create and upload your own design.
We begin volume discounting on orders of 500 cans or more - contact for a quote.


We require a 3 week lead time in order produce custom orders and get them delivered. Rush delivery is available - contact for more information.


To get started, we'd like to get a better idea of what you're looking for in a custom design by having you complete our Eliqs Design Questionnaire. This gives us a sense of what you want in terms of the colors / aesthetic / pictures / text / etc. The more info you provide the better!
We'll share your responses with a designer on our team who will take an initial pass at creating a design according to the direction you've provided. After we share your v1 design, you will have the opportunity to provide a round of feedback before the design is finalized. We then take care of the rest by putting your order together and delivering it directly to you. 


We are constantly looking for new partners to work with so we can expand our curated list of beverage options. As of today, we currently offer the following beverage options to choose from:
Blonde Ale - Absolution Brewing Company
Description: Golden, citrus-forward, and refreshing. A true patio-pounder.
Alcohol Percentage: 5% Alc/Vol

Amber Ale - Absolution Brewing Company
Description: Malt-forward with a deep amber hue. Bursting with flavor that won’t weigh you down.
Alcohol Percentage: 5.7% Alc/Vol

IPA - Absolution Brewing Company
Description: Highly approachable and tropical. Sweet and easy on the palate with a refreshing kick of fruit.
Alcohol Percentage: 6.8% Alc/Vol


All Eliqs orders are delivered directly to our customers, however, delivery is currently limited to California. We are actively working to expand the markets we serve, so please sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date on our plans and all things Eliqs!


All Eliqs orders are produced in standard 12oz cans. We currently do not offer larger 16oz cans, or "slim" 12oz cans. Refer to our Gallery for a clear representation of what our end product looks like.