Eliqs Design Team


Alix Marson

About Alix

I'm an LA-based designer from Boston who's usually doing too many things at once. I studied graphic design and illustration at Washington University in St. Louis, trained as a traditional sign painter at LATTC, and mix cocktails by night in DTLA. I'm obsessed with branding, typography and vintage hunting.

Design Influences

Aesthetically, I tend to make things that look like they're either inspired by or created at least 40 years ago. Instead of just tracking current trends, I like to go back to the original source or conception of those trends when things were created without today's technology. I've got piles of vintage design magazines and a catalog of old vinyl sleeve designs that I'm always shuffling through for new ideas.


Fun typography / super colorful / vintage-inspired

Sample Designs by Alix Marson



Jason Lee

About Jason

UX Designer at a video game company. Raised in Oxnard, CA & graduated from CalArts Graphic Design class of 2011. Drinks IPA's & whiskey.

Design Influences

Stefan Sagmeister, Ed Ruscha, Dalek


Graphic abstractions and bold type design


Sample Designs by Jason Lee



Courier Design

About Courier Design

Courier Design is a multidisciplinary design duo consisting of Bree Quintana and Ethan Fender. We focus on identity design solutions, packaging, and 2D animations. Our attitude towards design is a culture; not a style. We employ geometric shapes and modern graphic elements as vehicles for improvement and progress.

Design Influences

Industrial equipment, Dieter Rams designs, brutalist architecture, Wim Crouwel, The Vignellis, and footwear design (Adidas + Nike)


  • Identity design - logo (symbols, letters or the two combined), brand standards, icons or graphic elements following brand guidelines

  • Packaging - context encompassing the physical experience of a product

  • 2D animation - simplistic animations of typography or a logo for example to create an emotional response


Sample Designs by Courier Design