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Blonde Ale – 5.0% ABV 12 oz. aluminum can

An approachable craft beer that showcases our passion for brewing. A perfect balance of malts and hops creates a refreshing, easy-going ale with a crisp, clean finish.

Lager – 4.4% ABV 12 oz. aluminum can

Crisp, Effervescent, Light. Slightly elevated carbonation contribute to this lager's crisp refreshing mouthfeel.

IPA – 7.1% ABV 12 oz. aluminum can

An award-winning, traditional West Coast IPA. This brew offers a flavorful hop-forward experience with notes of citrus and pine.

Purified Flat Water – 12 oz. aluminum can

Hydrating and refreshing purified flat water. Nothing fancy, just quality great tasting water from a can.

Sparkling Water – ABV 12 oz. aluminum can

Like Perrier in a can. This bubbly and simple sparkling water will quench your thirst and leave you feeling hydrated.

Citrus Sparkling Water – 12 oz. aluminum can

A little flavor can go a long way. Our crisp and clean citrus-flavored sparkling water is a crowd favorite for the La Croix fans out there.

Craft Beer: Limited to CA, DC, OH, and VA

Non-Alcoholic Water: All 50 states!

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Locally produced. Anti-Plast*c. All Natural.