Originally launched as a unique way to elevate an event through custom and beautiful can designs, Eliqs has evolved into something much more. We believe that craft beverages are more than just fun libations—they are the medium that bring people together in celebration.

Our daily lives are improved by personalized experiences and products, so why not transform a social staple as universal as the can you’re drinking from into something meaningful and brand-enhancing. Trends come and go, but the search for creative ways to get people talking and engaged remains a constant. At Eliqs, we’re energized by the opportunity to serve as a solution in providing the next channel that makes this achievable. 

We’re a team of dedicated creators who see an incredible opportunity to make a splash in an industry that has become stagnant. 

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Max Berg


Dave Goldman


Alix Marson


Joe Schwappach


Co-Founder and Head of Product & CX

Max is an Eliqs co-founder and a customer-obsessed entrepreneur from Los Angeles with an eye for great product. He serves as Eliqs’ Head of Product and CX, managing all externally facing company initiatives, including product, sales, and marketing. With a cup of his home-roasted coffee in hand, you can find Max skateboarding at the Venice Beach skatepark, while holding onto a piece of his dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. Max will neither confirm nor deny his attendance at Fyre Festival.

Co-Founder & CEO

Dave Goldman is an Eliqs co-founder and an operator and investor who sees the value in delighting his partners and clients with elevated, personal beverage experiences. At Eliqs, Dave is the CEO and responsible for the overall strategy, finance and legal functions of the company. From the Bay Area, Dave is an avid skier & diver, and has gone on adventuring trips in over 10 countries.

Creative Director

Alix Marson is a Boston-born creative with extensive experience in graphic design and hospitality branding.  Alix began creating cans for Eliqs as a freelance designer, and was quickly scooped up for a full-time role as their Creative Director. Outside of work, she is either rock climbing or taking on additional design projects. She also maintains an irrational childhood fear of the Muppets, and secretly wishes she could wear glasses. Unfortunately, she was born with 20/20 vision and has yet to experience even the slightest worsening of her eyesight - but she continues to hold out hope.

Co-Founder and Head of Operations

Joe Schwappach is an Eliqs co-founder and an expert in driving operational adaptability, strategy implementation, and leadership development across all stages of a company’s lifecycle. At Eliqs, Joe is responsible for all operations and fulfillment, eagerly discovering new ways of bringing our truly unique product to market. As a global traveler, Joe enjoys exploring new cultures and geographies—always finding time for downhill skiing and endurance races along the way. Although not a true beer aficionado, Joe will happily allow anyone to buy him their favorite beer while out with friends.



📦   Shipping included on orders over $65  🚚
📦 Shipping included on orders over $65 🚚